Monday, December 17, 2007

Sign of the Times

Good day to all of my readers in the neighborhood. Mr. Rogers hopes that all of you had a wonderful weekend. Mr. Rogers spent the weekend contemplating how grateful he is that he has readers like you. In addition, much time was spent thinking about how signs have an impact on our daily lives.

Mr. Rogers sees so many signs when he's travelling through the neighborhood, it sometimes makes Mr. Rogers' head spin. Have you ever seen a sign that confused you?

Mr. Rogers sees them all the time.

Some signs make Mr. Rogers laugh. Mr. Rogers knows that laughing is good for you and it's lots of fun, so Mr. Rogers enjoys seeing signs like these:

Mr. Rogers knows that some signs are designed to make Mr. Rogers think a certain way. Mr. Rogers isn't going to fall for that and neither should you, boys and girls. These are the signs that have been controlling elections and the general direction of this nation for decades.

Some signs make Mr. Rogers think that we've lost our capacity to care about others. It makes Mr. Rogers very sad to see signs like these. Mr. Rogers hopes that not one of his dear readers ever has to hold a sign like this:

Some signs just make Mr. Rogers scratch his head in bewilderment:

I wonder what they want us to focus on.

On rare occasions, Mr. Rogers sees signs that give him hope for the future:Mr. Rogers would like all of you good boys and girls to remember that the founding fathers of this nation wanted us to have the freedom to make signs and use them to let others know what we think and feel.
Mr. Rogers hopes that many of his readers will be inspired to use this right to free speech that was given to us by these great men. But Mr. Rogers would like to remind all of you wonderful boys and girls that spelling counts ......

Now, if you'll excuse Mr. Rogers, he has to go make some more signs.


enigma4ever said...

Hi MrRogers...or can I call you Fred....hmm...
Anyways you are the top of the Blog Round up over on Watergate Summer, I hope some nice boys and girls come and visit...

enigma4ever said...

oh, I love your signs...I hope I can make some for my neighborhood....

Fred Rogers said...

Hello, Enigma.
Mr. Rogers likes your blog and appreciates being included in your blog round-up. Feel free to call me Fred. Mr. Rogers wants everyone to feel comfortable when they visit the neighborhood.

enigma4ever said...

MrRogers,,,,a very interesting question has come up over at Watergate Summer, I always thought you were a Canadian Minister....BUT tonight All Amercian Patriot came and said that you were in the military and are a Decorated VET....a war hero...with tattoos ( that is why you wear your nice soft cashmere sweaters).

Hmmm, So Mr Rogers will you tell us ? we will be real good , no naughty behavior and we will play nice....

( BTW I think in that last sign someone needs to learn how to sad when a Moron can not spell" moron"...._

Mary Ellen said...

Hello Mr.Rogers, I found my way to your neigborhood via Enigma4Ever. I love this post and many of the signs made me laugh, and others made me cry. But I remember, you always said that feelings were important, even the sad feelings.

If it's ok with you, I'd like to put your neighborhood in my blog roll.

Say hello to King Friday for me. ;-)

X. Dell said...

Sign, sign,
Everywhere a sign

Great post. Came via Watergate Summer. Hope you don't mind.

This post reminds me of something that Wolfgang Borchert wrote after WWII about the true nature of morality having little to do with social grace or puratanism, but instead how we treat each other.

Fred Rogers said...

Dear Enigma,
It's true that Mr. Rogers is a decorated combat vet. It's also true that my arms are covered in tattoos, but the reason Mr. Rogers wears sweaters is because he likes the style and a sweater feels like a warm hug from a really good friend.

Dear Mary Ellen,
You are correct. Feelings are very important; all feelings. That's what makes us human. Mr. Rogers is proud of you for paying attention. Thank you.

Dear X. Dell,
Mr. Rogers doesn't mind at all. Getting to know all of the neighbors is what Mr. Rogers is all about. Thank you for your wise comment.

deuddersun said...

Excellent, lmao! Came via E4E, glad I did! Blogrolling you now.


enigma4ever said...

I thought I should warn you Fred, that mean man Mr.Rudy has made a Christmas ad, and he is wearing one of your sweaters in his ad, we wrote and told him to give it was a nice letter.No Naughty language, I promise.

MrRudy is not a nice man though, and I don't think he will give you back your nice red sweater.

Fred Rogers said...

Dear Deuddersun,
Thank you for visiting. Glad you had a good laugh. Laughter is the best medicine, you know.

Dear Enigma,
Rudy is doing the best that he can with what he has to work with. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Mr. Rogers is proud of you for not resorting to foul language.

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